Expected impact

Co-ordinating the measurement activities and providing assistance for projects helps to develop components in different projects with interoperability to already existing tools and architectures. Future projects can base on existing technology by adding their building blocks to fulfil the projects needs.

MOME supports current and upcoming research issues by providing real, recent measurement data in a standardised format for the public or to other projects as common base material. This measurement data can be used as input to new algorithms of statistical analyses for data reduction and result evaluation for network operation purposes like admission control, network re-provisioning, operation and maintenance, intrusion detection, etc.

MOME deals with future-oriented topics and will be faced by the most important standardisation organisations world-wide. Therefore the project contributes to the European innovation policy. The project results will lead to effective contributions for standardisation and regulation of the proposed approaches.

MOME gets together specialists in the field of IP monitoring and measurement for knowledge exchange by organising workshops and conference sessions.