2 Projects-only Part
This questionnaire prepared by the MOME consortium is designed to collect information about IP monitoring and measurement activities in Europe. Part 2 contains the part dedicated to projects only.
2.1 Project Key Data
2.1.0: Project Title
Provide the name / acronym of the interviewed project or the name of the interewied company. For reference, use the same name also for the other parts of the questionnaire.
Please write your answer here:

2.1.1: Project Framework
Please specify sub-categories (e.g. IP, NoE, COST action number etc.)
Please tick any that apply and provide a comment

2.1.2: Project Facts
Please write your answer(s) here:
Project Number (if any):
Project Participants:
Duration (Start/End):
Project Budget/Funding:
Project URL(s):

2.2 Measurement Environment and Role
2.2.1: Measurement Environment
Please tick any that apply
artificial network environment (testbed)
operational network environment
combined (e.g. VPN-Testbed over operational network)

2.2.2: Role of Measurements in Project
Please tick any that apply
integrated part in the project
supporting activity for project

2.3 Role of measurements in project
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