Work Packages

WP0: Management

This work package is responsible for the administrative and financial aspects of the project as well as for external communication of achievements, representation of the contact point for new partners and other projects contributing to the MOME Cluster.
Lead Partner: Salzburg Research

WP1: Interoperability

This work package will analyse state of interoperability of monitoring and mesurement tools, components and interfaces developed in participating IST projects. It will also document interoperability and create an interoperability database, as well as select data format for MOME measurement database and organise interoperability testing events.
Lead Partner: FOKUS

WP2: MOME Database

This work package is responsible for the implementation of the MOME database. It will define the structure of the database, based on the data provided by the tools in the interoperability database, implement the measurement result database and deply it in the MOME workstation. The collected measurement data will include paclet traces, end-to-end performance measurements and topology information.
Lead Partner: TID

WP3: Standardisation

This work package will build up a strong European position in standardisation in the MOME area and initiate, plan, and co-ordinate related contributions to the IETF and other bodies.
Lead Partner: NEC

WP4: Dissemination

This work package will maintain the MOME web server and mailing lists, organise three workshops and two Monitoring and Measnurement sessions at TERENA Networking Conference. It will also be responsible for liaisons with other relevant fora, including European NRENs, universities, research institutes and commercial organisations (through TF-NGN for example), GN2 and others.
Lead Partner: TERENA