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The overview of the associated projects is on-line and will be continuously updated.

Investigated projects

The list of projects investigated by the MOME partners.

Cluster projects

These are projects where the MOME participants are involved.

LOBSTER Logo LOBSTER is a pilot European Infrastructure for accurate Internet traffic monitoring. Based on passive monitoring, and capitalizing on our experience, the LOBSTER infrastructure will be unique in Europe and among the only two similar infrastructures that exist in the world today.

The main goal of LOBSTER is to deploy an advanced pilot European Internet Traffic Monitoring Infrastracture based on passive monitoring sensors at speeds starting from 2.5Gbps and possibly up to 10Gbps.

EuroLab Logo Eurolabs is a European FP6 project that integrates new networking technologies, applications and services. These components are combined to make up five interconnected testbeds, located in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary and Switzerland.

The testbeds give the opportunity to participate - and support the participation of others - in interoperability events, such as ETSI Plugtests, and to integrate network components and applications into showcases.

6QM logo The project 6QM is devoted to research and development of measurement technologies for Quality of Service in IPv6 networks. It created a comprehensive system integrating the various required functions for QoS measusurement, such as packet capturing, precise time-stamping, data collection, QoS metrics derivation (delay, loss, jitter etc.) and result presentation.

As part of the expected result from 6QM project, a knowledge base and a set of guidelines are created, that may be exploited by operators and ISPs to meet the client demand in IPv6 advanced services with guaranteed and differentiated QoS.

Daidalos logo DAIDALOS - Designing Advanced network Interfaces for the Delivery and Administration of Location independent, Optimised personal Services.
Daidalos will lead the fundamental rethinking of network architectures that is necessary to create a new generation of user-centred manageable communication infrastructure for the future.
The Daidalos vision is to seamlessly integrate heterogeneous network technologies that allow network operators and service providers to offer new and profitable services, giving users access to a wide range of personalised voice, data, and multimedia services. 46 partners from industry and academia are ambitiously working to achieve this vision.