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ToolID 40
Name NetFlow
EntryDate 2005-02-04
LastModified 2005-02-04
Description The NetFlow probe is a module contained in almost all Cisco and Juniper routers. It captures IP packets at line cards and classifies them into flows based on the 5-tuple (source IP address, destination IP address, protocol type, source port number, destination port number). Measured flows properties (timestamp, number of bytes, number of packets) are exported using the NetFlow protocol. NetFlow versions up to version 8 used a fixed record format. NetFlow version 9 uses a template-based approach as the IETF IPFIX standard does. The most commonly used version is version 5. NetFlow probes are considered as highly reliable modules that can be configured such that they hardly miss a packet. On high speed routers this is achieved by implementing parts of it in hardware. However, the transport of NetFlow records using UDP is highly unreliable.
Category Performance Measurement, Connectivity Checking
ControlInput command line
DataInput live interface
Metrics packet capture
TimeScope Real-time
Aggregation classification, flow detection
Availability closed source (commercial)
OSSupport Cisco IOS, Juniper
Features active measurement

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