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ToolID 56
Name CMToolset
EntryDate 2005-02-04
LastModified 2006-05-24
Description The CM Toolset (Communication Measurement Toolset) is a tool for testing and measuring the quality of end-to-end TCP/IP communication channels. It is a development of a joint project between Telekom Austria, Salzburg Research and University of Applied Sciences & Technologies / School of Telecommunications Engineering, which was supported by the Austrian research fond �FFF�. The CM Toolset offers measurement features for an evaluation of IP networks. It provides a management platform to handle the measurement scenarios and to measure the IP performance parameters for different transport protocols. The different parameters (e.g. packet size, parameters of the load generators) can be adjusted. The results and the parameters of the measurements are stored in a database. The impact of different network configurations, protocol parameters and QoS parameters can be analysed. CMT generates traffic that emulates real applications, therefore different traffic models are implemented.
Category Performance Measurement
ControlInput GUI, telnet, web GUI
DataInput live interface, other packet file
Metrics bandwidth, one-way-delay, round-trip-delay, jitter/delay variation
DataOutput text files, graphs/images
Aggregation Yes
OSSupport Unix/Linux
Features active measurement, offline nanalysis, online analysis, IPv4 support, IPv6 support

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