Database Statistics & Health Status

General Information

Number of registered users: 295
Number of tool maintainers: 7
Number of tool-maintainer associations: 8
Number of tools: 129
Number of data sets: 3709

Data Set Statistics

Total number of data sets: 3709
Total size of data sets: 132.0GB

Number of packet traces: 3678
Total size of packet traces: 121.7GB

Number of flow traces: 2
Total size of flow traces: 16.8MB

Number of routing measurements: 1
Total size of routing measurements: 12.4MB

Number of HTTP measurements: 1
Total size of HTTP measurements: 19.7MB

Number of QoS measurements: 5
Total size of QoS measurements: 65.5kB

Number of web repository measurements: 21
Total size of web repository measurements: 10.2GB

Data Base Health Status

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