MOME Interoperability testing event

28-30 July 2005
Paris, France
before the 63rd IETF meeting in Paris (31 July - 5 August 2005)

Interop event Interop event Interop event

Partners: Eurolabs, MoMe, ETSI

Participants: 44 engineers from 18 companies.

Tests results are available on D13 - MOME Interoperability Testing Event deliverable.

The press release of the event has been published - 29 August 2005.

The MOME project invited participants to the Monitoring and Measurement tools interoperability event.
This event was organized by the MOME project in cooperation with the Eurolabs project and the ETSI Plugtests Service.

The event was co-located with the 63rd IETF meeting at Le Palais des Congrès De Paris,
address - 2, Place de la Porte Maillot, 75017 Paris Cedex 17 France.
The event took place on 28 July to 30 July 2005 from 9:00 to 18:00 in the room 332M/333M.

Event purpose and objectives

There exist a number of Monitoring and Measurement tools in common use. Although they may share similar protocols and mechanisms they differ significantly in many aspects including data export format, export protocol, mechanism to transfer configuration information, transport mechanisms, devices state information, sampling methods, and reporting results. Consequently it is difficult to develop generalised tools that are a requirement in today interoperable networks.

In addition the industry and the research community need devices working in a standardized way to facilitate their interaction and usage in services such as Internet research, measurement, accounting, and billing.

The interoperability event aimed on the following objectives and benefits:

Event Description

The MOME interoperability event provided a neutral environment for manufacturers, software companies and research institutes to test their implementations. This event focused on the Monitoring and Measurement related tools and similar technologies.
The tested protocols are listed below.

Relevant draft documents include
for IPFIX draft-ietf-ipfix-protocol-16.txt and draft-ietf-ipfix-info-08.txt ;
for IPPM OWAMP draft-ietf-ippm-owdp-14.txt; for NSIS RFC 3726, for NETFLOW RFC 3954 and
Internet drafts (draft-ietf-psamp-sample-tech-06.txt, draft-ietf-psamp-mib-04.txt) for PSAMP, all published by the IETF.


The programme of the event:


The companies invited are:

Confidentiality Agreement

To protect the intellectual property rights of attendees of the MOME Interop Event it was required to sign and submit a confidentiality agreement. This agreement was intended to protect the participants in these tests and to ensure that any information relating to such tests is used solely to further the purpose of interoperability. It had to be signed in order for your company to participate in the testing event. You can download the agreement (1 page).

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