MOME Standardisation event

The MOME project invited participants to the Monitoring and Measurement standardisation event.

The event was co-located with the 63rd IETF meeting at Le Palais des Congress De Paris,
address - 2, Place de la Porte Maillot, 75017 Paris Cedex 17 France.
The event took place on 31 July 2005 from 9:00 to 12:00 in the room 332M/333M.

Event results are available on D32 - MOME Standardisation Event.

Event Scope and Objectives

Monitoring and measurements of Internet traffic often involves not just a single application, but a combination of different tools that process measured information at different levels. In order to exchange information between these tools, common information models, data models, file formats, and protocols are required.

The exchange of information can serve different purposes, like configuration and control of traffic measurement processes, monitoring traffic measurements processes, query request for retrieval of measured data, and transmission of measured data. The interoperability of measurement and monitoring tools depends largely on the level of standardisation achieved for the above mentioned interactions.

Within this scope, the standardisation event aimed at achieving the following objectives:

Event Description

The MOME standardisation event represented an attractive opportunity for manufacturers, software companies, research and academia institutes to identify areas where potential contributions to standardisation activities might be beneficial.

IETF WGs chairs and key IETF participants in the MOME area were invited to present the challenges currently discussed in the respective WGs. The MOME standardisation event represented in this way the proper environment to initiate new discussions, collaborations and standardisation activities for monitoring and measurements purposes.


The programme of the event:


Manufacturers, software companies, research and academia institutes that:

were welcome to participate.