How to store traceroute measurements and related metrics


This memo describes a standard way to store traceroute measurements and possibly their related metrics. To better address the traceroute measurements storing issue, the authors first of all give a definition of the traceroute tool, describe the tool itself as well as its parameters and the default values on the most common operating systems and the output results that can be stored. Afterwards, the common information model with the base elements of the traceroute measurement storing is defined dividing the information elements in two semantically separated groups (configuration elements and results ones). On the basis of the information model a data model is then proposed in order to actually store the traceroute measurements. Finally the relevant metrics related to traceroute measurements are defined using the metrics already standardized in the IPPM working group, where they are found to be applicables.

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Authors: Saverio Niccolini (NEC Europe Ltd., Network Laboratories) and Sandra Tartarelli (NEC Europe Ltd., Network Laboratories)
Published: 11 February 2005
Expires: 15 August 2005
Working group: IP Performance Metrics (ippm) working group
Area: Transport area