Framework for Metering NSLP


This document describes an architectural framework for a new NSLP, which allows the dynamic configuration of Metering Entities on the data path to record monitoring and measurement data and report it to a data collector. Different scenarios are described where such a path-coupled configuration of the Metering Entities can be useful. Currently, the focus is on three scenarios: metering for accounting, QoS monitoring and monitoring for network security. Moreover, this document suggests the appropriate parameters to be configured for each scenario. Furthermore, it gathers requirements for a path-coupled configuration protocol of Metering Entities. Finally, the applicability of the NSIS architecture for this purpose is discussed.

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Authors: A. Fessi (University of Tuebingen), C. Kappler, C. Fan (Siemens AG), F. Dressler (University of Erlangen), A. Klenk (University of Tuebingen)
Published: 14 February 2005
Expires: 18 August 2005
Working group: Next Steps in Signaling (nsis) working group
Area: Transport area